Day 5: Transformation

A lot of things have been changing in my life lately, myself included. For Day 5 of Art Every Day Month, I decided to create something that symbolises all of the transformations that we all go through in our lives.

The koi fish, lotus flower, & butterfly are all symbols of transformation:

The koi fish swims upstream until it reaches it’s destination, where it transforms into a dragon.

The lotus flower pushes through the mud, then grows through the water in order to reach the sunlight at the surface, reaching enlightenment.

The caterpillar reaches the end of it’s life & disappears into a cocoon, only before awakening again as a beautiful, transformed butterfly.

In this artwork, which I’ve titled ‘The Transformation’, the koi fish is at the bottom of the image, representing the time before the change. The lotus flower is opening up after reaching the surface, representing the time during the change. And the butterfly, fully transformed, represents the time after the change & the new life that begins as a result.

I also created it as a tshirt design. I might buy it for myself as a Christmas present!







Keep Smiling! 🙂

Love Jen xo


10 responses to “Day 5: Transformation

  1. What an interesting post. Butterflies on mine too today. I think you should definitely get that t-shirt made up, makes a great talking point.

  2. nice butterflies! enjoy aedm

  3. I love this, I am a yoga teacher and this spoke to me in many ways…the t-shirt would be great..

  4. Beautiful image and I love all the meaning it holds 🙂

  5. I really like this: both the art and the concept.

  6. Very pretty, did you hand paint that, if so or not, very nice either way. Makes a cool shirt.

  7. Very Eastern Philosophy of you! It’s a great image, what medium do you use? Digital?

  8. Love that you know the mythology of the koi and dragon. The way I know it is that the Koi must swim up the Yellow River (not just any river). Don’t you just love that? Beautiful symbology for transformation! Would make a lovely needlepoint design!

  9. Wow! Thanks so much everyone! 😀

    I created it firstly by drawing it on paper, then I just added the colour in photoshop.

    The tshirts are available here:

    There’s a sale on at the moment – 15% off until Nov 14th if you use the code

    Thanks again! I’ll be visiting all your AEDM blogs today too 🙂

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