“The least & most each of us can do is make sure we release something good into the Universe regularly.” ~ Oprah

I’ve been thinking about the above quote & wondering what good things I have released into the Universe today. I’m a firm believer that what you send out you get back, so I’m always trying hard to be conscious of the things I think, say or do.

When I look at myself in the mirror, I make sure I think kind thoughts about myself, & I always give myself a big, cheesy smile. My Dad, who is a psychologist, executive coach & public speaker, told me once that smiling at yourself in the mirror shows your mind that you are happy, & the happy feeling follows. It’s so true πŸ™‚ I guess it’s the same as receiving a smile from a friend or a stranger, it always leaves you feeling brighter.

Sometimes I lose myself in conversations with people & often say things that don’t resonate with the person that I want to be, whether it be getting caught up in a bit of gossip or me just trying to portray myself as a tough-skinned, sociable person, when I’m really quite sensitive & a real introvert.

Online, I find it much easier to be my true self, express my thoughts & feelings, & I can be completely conscious of what I’m sending out into the Universe through tweets, status updates, emails & blog posts such as this.

In regards to doing things that release something good into the Universe, I feel that I have finally started to do that they way that I have always wanted to, thanks to this blog & all the amazing opportunities it has lead to. Things like contributing to a good cause by designing a promo card for the I Want Her Job campaign that is happening right now – $1 is being donated to the sponsorship of girls in Guatemala for every “like” on Facebook & follower on Twitter.

So, today, I have a challenge for you. Well, technically, three challenges.

1. Every time you see your reflection*, look yourself in the eye, & SMILE!

I mean really smile, the kind of smile you would show to your best friend, or your hero. (*While I do want you smile any time you see your reflection, I definitely don’t mean while you’re driving or doing anything else that requires your full attention!)

2. Give someone a compliment.

Tell your spouse they look gorgeous, tell your child how proud you are of them, tell a friend how amazing they are, or tell a coworker how funny they are. (Preferably, these compliments should be honest. Sending lies out into the Universe is no good. Come on, you can find something good in everyone!)

3. Send out a positi-tweet or an upbeat status update.

It can be a quote, a few words of gratitude, or a mass-compliment, telling everyone how AWESOME they are. (That reminds me, you are so damn AWESOME! :D)

If it helps, start off small. Do at least one of these every day & know that you are making the Universe a better place through your thoughts, words & actions πŸ™‚

And, most of all, Keep Smiling!

JenΒ β™₯


9 responses to ““The least & most each of us can do is make sure we release something good into the Universe regularly.” ~ Oprah

  1. Great post, great cause, keep on keeping on…

    Try this smile on for size…


  2. Jen – what a great post – I started smiling just reading it!
    Thanks for the re-focus of my day…

  3. Simply amazing. Thank you for reminding me to always think positive thoughts and send them forth into the universe. And thank you for reminding me to treat myself as kindly as I would others. Sometimes I forget that!

  4. I’m with you on this 100 percent! I live in a small town with a lot of retired people who have a tendency to walk around with grumpy looks on their faces. I smile at them all, and the vast majority of them light up and smile back when I do. Such a simple way to lift someone up. I also give a compliment to everyone I meet, and so many people act like I’ve just handed them check for big bucks. AND I never tweet anything negative. I tweet about the happy moments and things I appreciate.

    BUT, I don’t smile at myself in the mirror often enough. So thanks for reminding me to do that! πŸ™‚

    • Good on you! So AWESOME that you smile, give compliments & tweet positively! And, yes, giving compliments is a reward in itself, people are often so surprised & they will always remember it πŸ™‚ Thanks for reading & commenting!

  5. Great post! Thanks. I’ll smile at myself a little more, but maybe I’ll wait until after the first cup of coffee!

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