Share The LOVE, Share Your Links!

I really love being a part of this little community of Smiling Hearts that we have built over the past few months, and to make it even more AWESOME

I now proclaim every Friday to be Link Love Friday!

Every Friday, on the new My Smiling Heart Facebook fan page, I will ask you guys to share something on the wall.

Most of the time I will ask you to share the links to your own latest blog posts, other times I will ask you to share a link to some of your favourite blogs, and sometimes it might be a link to your favourite artwork or music video.

I’ll get in on the fun too, and share with you some link love of my own!

There are only two rules:

1. Only post your link once every Friday. No need to spam it up, there’s plenty of love to go around.

2. After you share your link love, take some time to check out what other people have posted, spread the ‘like’, and comment on the things you love.

The first awesome Link Love Friday will happen this Friday, 18th Feb 2011.

Keep an eye on the facebook page to find out what links I will ask you to share first!

Stay Awesome!

Jen ♥

6 responses to “Share The LOVE, Share Your Links!

  1. I will be there 🙂 See You Friday

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  4. Jen I’m not very good with facebook. When I go to add my link I don’t know how or where to put it. This is so emabarrassing!

    • Hi Tess 😀 Haha, no need to be embarrassed! Let’s see… if you go to the My Smiling Heart facebook page, there’s a comment box on the main page with some small tabs on top, they say ‘share: status… photo… link… video’ If you click on the ‘link’ tab, the comment box will morph into a space where you can paste your link into, and an ‘Attach’ button will be next to it, click that and then click ‘share.’ I hope that makes sense! 😀

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