A Love Letter To My Smiling Heart (YOU)

This was difficult and emotional for me to write, but it so needed to be said. It needed to be said, and it needs to be heard. This isn’t just a love letter to My Smiling Heart, this is a love letter to you.

You, who reads, supports and loves this blog as much as I do, you are My Smiling Heart. We are a community of smiling hearts. It wouldn’t be here without you, and neither would I.

Dear My Smiling Heart (You),

Thank you so much.

There are no words to describe what you have done for me. You appeared during one of the darkest times of my life, a time when I felt alone, meaningless, beaten down, and so, so sad. I was filled with hate, anger, and pain. I lived in fear, and let anxiety rule my life.

But, since the night you were created, you have been the light that shines my path. You have shown me my own truth, my own beauty, and my own power. You have reignited my creativity, my passion, and my self-belief.

Because of you, new doors have opened, leading me to meet some of the most amazing, inspirational women I have ever known. Women who have forever changed my life, women who support me, challenge me, and encourage me to live an extraordinary life.

You have made me see that I can change the world. And you have helped me do it.

You have given me meaning, joy, connection, and a reason to jump out of bed at 8am every single day with a smile on my face and love in my heart.

You have introduced me to my real passion. I thought my passions were art and writing, but really, it’s much deeper than that.

My passion, my life purpose, is to inspire others and help them to live their best lives. I am here to empower others, especially women. Art and writing is the vessel in which I can and will do that, I promise.

And now, as you continue to propel me forwards into new and exciting ventures, I know I have to trust the path that I am on, instead of trying to predict which way it will turn and where it will lead me.

As you continue to grow and become not only my passion but my full-time job, a way to earn a living while baring my soul, creating, and inspiring others, I promise I will stay focussed on my truth, my purpose, the community you have built and remember everything that has lead me to this point.

You are my passion, my light, my connection to the world and my connection to my true self.

My heart will always be full of gratitude for everything you bring me, and I promise to always honour you and continue to make you something that inspires anyone who comes into contact with you.

I want you to change lives, just as you have changed mine.

Even though I am scared and vulnerable right now, and feeling anxious about what’s to come, I know you will always be there, keeping me focussed and shining your light onto my soul.

You saved my life.

Thank you.

Jen ♥


17 responses to “A Love Letter To My Smiling Heart (YOU)

  1. A lovely letter…..thank you for sharing these beautiful thoughts with us ‘your readers/fans’ who feel honoured everytime we open up our emails to find another ‘Smiling Heart’ post to place a small smile upon our own hearts.
    Personally I look forward to reading many more and today in particular this letter reminded me of the beautiful world we live in and just how easy it is to bring joy into the lives of others.

    • Thank you so much, Katie. I can’t tell you how much the My Smiling Heart community means to me. Especially when I open myself up and make myself vulnerable, and receive nothing but love in return. It’s so healing. You all heal me just by being here 🙂 Thank you.

  2. Jen, from the first time I read one of your posts on Tiny Buddha and then went right to your blog to read more, you have made my heart smile. I am inspired by your writing, challenged by your courage and cheered by your awesomeness!
    And I am just so very happy the Universe decided to connect our lives even though we are living oceans apart.
    Thank you for your joy!

    • Hi Karen! Thank you so much for all the kindness you’ve shown me since the very beginning. I’m so glad we have had such positive effects on each other, and that our two passions have found a way to connect! 😀

  3. “My passion, my life purpose, is to inspire others and help them to live their best lives. ”

    That’s beautiful Jen.

    Self reflecting is self inspiring and rewarding as we remember who we are, what we do, what we want, what we hope for, what we know, what we want to know and what we hope for.


    • Thank you so much, David. I’ve never felt more truer than when I wrote those words, and even though I’m terrified that I won’t be able to live up to my purpose, I won’t ever give up. Thanks for stopping by 🙂

  4. You are welcome and thank you for this blog. I look forward everyday to hear from you…PLEASE…don’t STOP!
    Much Love….

    • Hi Diane! Haha! I promise I am doing whatever I can to ensure that I don’t have to stop! I’m so, so happy that you look forward to hearing from me, thank you so much! And thank you for being a part of My Smiling Heart! You’ve made my heart smile today 🙂

  5. Love, Light & (((Hugs))) I truly look forward to your writings! Thank you SO MUCH! 😀

  6. “I promise I will stay focused on my truth, my purpose, the community you have built and remember everything that has lead me to this point” < Love this! You write honestly and from your heart and it can always been seen though your work.

    It seems you have been on an amazing journey of transformation, and to think you've still got a road ahead. It's a beautiful thing.

    Thank-you for your motivating and encouraging words!

    • Vanessa, thank you so, so much! One of the things that scares me is that people won’t think I’m being authentic. But you have helped me see that I’m worrying about nothing – as usual! I think we have all been on an amazing journey of transformation, that’s why My Smiling Heart connects with so many people, so many hearts. But we are all spiraling up to awesomeness! 😀

      Thank you for another enlightening comment 🙂

  7. Dear Jen,

    I’ve only recently begun reading “My Smiling Heart”, but it has already changed my life in a positive way. Reading articles such as yours gives me hope and faith, that I can do so much. Thank you for inspiring myself and so many others and congratulations on being in such a great place in your life 🙂

    I’m working at putting what I learn from these amazing women bloggers into my daily life and am looking forward to when I have successfully done that.

    Looking forward to growing along with you!

    • Kristie, your words have made my day. All I want to do is inspire others, and help them to see how powerful and beautiful they are. Thank you for letting me know that I am fulfilling my purpose. You really can create your life, and I hope to continue using mine to inspire others for as long as I live. You are amazing.

      I am honoured to grow with you 🙂

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  9. Thanks to you, too, Jen. I look forward to each new post.

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